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<p>This is not a story about a young man who wants to become Hokage. That's my father's story. This is my story!" Boruto's words in the initial scene of volume 1, the comic "Boruto: Naruto Next Generation" clearly shows that the adventures of the child Hokage Naruto will be a different sequel from Naruto. Boruto being present after the Naruto sequel ends does not mean that it contains the adventures of Naruto who plays his role as Boruto's father as well as Hokage. One Piece Fans, Be You The Next Pirate King Therefore, the story of Boruto can be said to be a fairly fresh story for young shinobi ninja. The depiction of the characters and the emergence of technology in the shinobi world, are able to add to the uniqueness of this sequel. The story of Boruto, you could say, is a fairly fresh story for young ninjas. Moreover, this time in the shinobi world a lot of new technology has emerged for young ninja. Old Naruto readers, can also feel the nostalgia of the previous ninjas who in several episodes will appear to add to the storyline. Sasuke and Sakura also still appear in this comic. The relationships and interactions between the Naruto Comic characters are also shown in an interesting, and sometimes surprising, way. The Boruto Who Is Not Monotonous Since Naruto and Sasuke agreed to work together to defeat the creator of Kaguya's chakra, both of them now have different destiny. Now Naruto has fulfilled his dream of becoming Hokage and the village of Konoha is at peace. Thanks to the constantly peaceful atmosphere, even the new generation of shinobi rarely face such difficult experiences as their predecessors. One of them is Boruto, son of Naruto. The Boruto, at the beginning of the story tends to have a relaxed attitude. In fact, he is often lazy to practice ninjutsu, chooses to play games, and often fights with Naruto. Moreover, Boruto's feelings as the son of a Konoha hero and a Hokage, make him feel the need to show himself if he is different from his father. If possible, until recognized by Naruto as a young ninja who is as great as the old generation. The best AOT anime for you geniuses Although at first Boruto looks lazy, slowly Boruto will change. Along with the course of the story and the obstacles that will be passed, he is increasingly determined to find his own ninja way. Just like his father, Boruto is also accompanied by two loyal friends. There's Sarada and Mitsuki. Exactly, like Naruto who used to be friends with Sakura and Sasuke. Boruto himself, also shows a myriad of different ninjutsu moves from the old sequels. This comic features a variety of new moves that add to the fun of reading and the presentation of increasingly sophisticated ninja equipment is quite visually entertaining. Ninja 4.0: The Latest Technology in the Shinobi World Combining ninjutsu and introducing ninja scientific tools, this can increase the potential for the Boruto comic plot to be developed more widely. At first glance, the description of scientific ninja tools looks practical. But its use is not that easy. In the sequel, the use of this scientific or technological tool turns out to have its own consequences for its users. Of course, the presence of ninja scientific tools and world-style technology now adds to the excitement of Boruto's fierce battle. Readers will be treated to various visuals of the machines or tools in this comic. Boruto's enemies will be much different from the enemies his father faced before. Imagining enemies in the shinobi world who are cruel, cunning, and not only armed with ninjutsu, but with modern technology makes Boruto worth listening to. In short, Boruto is not only a nostalgic healer for the presence of Naruto and his friends. This comic, at the same time brings a new color for fans of ninja-themed comics.</p>

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