What men type quiz are you attracted to

What men type quiz are you attracted to We are all drawn to different types of men, and it can happen for a variety of reasons. There are various reasons why we might fall for someone, from the tiny things they do to their hair, smile, or just the way they move. Though we may not be able to identify what that is is right away, we may see a pattern in the guys we appear to be drawn to in retrospect.

The sort of man we find appealing has a tendency to be similar, and it is possible that we are drawn to a certain characteristic or trait. In our world, there are many various sorts of males, such as bookish intellectuals, sensitive guys next door, family men, and so on.

We will ask you a few basic questions about your taste and preferences in this questionnaire, and based on your answers, we will be able to tell you precisely what sort of males you are attracted to.

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