This Visual Quiz Will Predict Your Future

This Visual Quiz Will Predict Your Future You know how there are some people who love to sit in the room with all the lights on and there are some who prefer being in a dimmer, cozy surroundings. This boils down to one’s visual preferences, which can say a lot about you.

If you like darker colors, you are more prone to experiencing unpleasant emotions like anger, sadness, or anxiety. If you like brighter colors, you tend to be well-organized, so your life isn’t cluttered. If you don’t like receiving information visually at all and would rather it verbally or aurally, you’re more of a thinker than a feeler. You are the kind of person who’d rather solve a problem logically

Ever wondered what your future has in store for you? Take this quiz and find out. Pick the images that appeal the most to you and we’ll make a prediction about your life that may happen years from now, or… tomorrow. 

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