One Piece Fans, Be You The Next Pirate King

<p>One Piece Fans, Be You The Next Pirate King, When will someone die??. When he got shot?? NO!!.. When he got a deadly disease?? NO!!,..When he drank the soup of poisonous mushrooms? ALSO NOT.. A person will die when he has been forgotten it is a word from Dr Hilulux which is a very proud saying of the meaning of life. If you are a person who values ​​life, living freely is a choice. Becoming a pirate is one of the best options to achieve that. Be a pirate and find friends who always accompany you. It's okay if I get hit by a sake bottle, or toyed with by you guys.. It doesn't matter, but whatever the reason, I will never forgive someone who has hurt my best friend. said red hair. A true friend will never let himself get hurt no matter what happens I will not forgive you if you hurt my friend. From the captain for what to conquer the seas? I don't want to conquer anything.. I just think that someone who can freely navigate the vast ocean is the so-called Pirate King. Start the quiz at and become the next pirate king.</p>

Quiz Seru Lainya : You like boruto? oh no, you will finish this quiz!

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