Only 1 In 10 People Can Pass This Mandela Effect Memory Test

Do you remember singing We Are The Champions by Queen at the top of your lungs and ending it with Of the world? What if we told you that Freddie Mercury never belted out those three words at the end? Just let that sink in for a minute.

We have talked about the Mandela effect before. The many real life examples of how we remember things wrongly and yet strongly believe in them are mind-boggling, with the Queen

hit being a great example. Likewise, if you think the restaurant name Chic-fil-A is spelled this way, you are not alone. The company has in fact always been Chick-fil-A 

One more to mess with your mind: did Darth Vader utter the classic Star Wars line, Luke, I am your father? Well, what he actually said was no, I am your father. Mind = blown. 

Through this quiz, you get to determine if you have been living under the Mandela effect all your life. Pick the correct version of these commonly mistaken everyday things and know the truth once and for all.

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