EverFi Financial Literacy Lesson 6: Financing Higher Ed.

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Quiz Seru Lainya : Module 2 Income & Employment

Making the choice to spend money on post secondary education pays off in the long run because





Dimitri is counselor told him that post secondary education can be expensive but can pay off in the long run, what does that mean?





It does not make sense to avoid post secondary education because of its cost since in the long run





What are the benefits of attending a local community college?





Cutting down on costs by earning an Associate’s degree first and then transferring to a four-year college or university can be done by going to what type of higher education institution?

Andrew does not want to spend a lot of money on student loans, and does not qualify for grants. What is his best option for affording a Bachelor is Degree?





Which is NOT considered an additional cost beyond tuition for higher education?





Textbooks, transportation and room and board are all...